Sri Lanka during the low season

The white sand beach of Arugam Bay on the East coast in Sri Lanka.
Arugam Bay’s beach

If the Cultural Triangle remains a safe bet all year long, the south-west of Sri Lanka is affected by daily rain in May-June. It can potentially hinder certain outdoor activities but can refresh in case of high temperatures. Contrary to popular opinions, Sri Lanka is an island which can be visited all year long. The most important fact is to adapt your route and target other regions, still as charming as the others, like the north or the east of Sri Lanka.


Unawatuna is not all about the beach…

Unawatuna is a beach town in the South Coast of Sri Lanka. It is very popular among tourists as well as locals for its beautiful palm-lined beach. It also offers a safe part of the coast to swim and enjoy the mesmerizing coral reef. Filled with many trendy restaurants and accommodations of all sorts, Unawatuna hosts a friendly and festive atmosphere. However, the beach is not the only best part about this town. The location, snuggled in the jungle surrounding the town, offers many other activities and amazing places to discover.


The most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka

No only Sri Lanka is the perfect playground for energy-hungry holidaymakers, but the destination is also ideal for rest and relaxation. In fact, why not see the 1340 km of coastline offered by the island, along with its many opportunities from surfing or snorkeling to meet turtles, as well as hundreds of kilometers of beaches where you can bask in the sun with coconut water and a good book!


Hiking and trekking in Sri Lanka

Walkers in love with nature will not be disappointed in Sri Lanka because the island offers many opportunities. Indeed, Sri Lanka has not only paradisiac beaches but also many other treasures; different climates, breathtaking views, inviting waterfalls for swimming, trails in the middle of the tea fields, tropical forests, spectacular sunrise, endemic species, multitude of birds… You’ll understand, in Sri Lanka the sites are rich and the landscapes varied, there is something for all tastes and all levels!


The Esala Perahara in Kandy

In a few days will take place, as every year at the time of the full moon in July or August, the Esala Perahera in Kandy. Akila, one of our travel experts from Kandy tells us why and how the Esala Perahera takes place; the largest and most lavish religious procession of Asia.