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Together we can protect Sri Lanka’s Sinharaja Primeval Forest

Sinharaja forest

What if we could contribute to the preservation of the Sinharaja Forest? Mai Globe Travels is joining a crowd funding project.

The Sinharaja Primeval Forest is a national forest in Sri Lanka designated as a biosphere reserve. It is a precious ecosystem listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is renowned for bird watching, with almost 160 species listed. 

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” by Confucius

This beautiful, important, virgin forest is continuously invaded and cleared for the expansion of tea plantations and urbanization. Today, it is reduced to a central area of ​​11,400 hectares with several small fragmented forests surrounding the area. The last two elephants in the rainforest are now forced to cross roads and tea plantations to move between these fragmented forests.

The Rainforest Protectors Trust needs your help to create a zone of protection

Thanks to this project, a new zone of protection will be created in which clearing will be prohibited and endangered native trees and wildlife will be protected. This new zone will also create protected biodiversity corridors between Sinharaja and neighboring rainforests.

Ensure that endangered animals can continue to travel freely along their migratory routes. Make a difference and support greater genetic diversity and increasing biodiversity.

Mai Globe Travels is joining the project, you can also support here on this crowdfunding site.

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