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Green Tour: Mai Globe Travels walks for a better world


In July, some of us, including our director, Catherine, embarked on MGT’s first Green Tour. They walked across the entire island from Colombo in the west, all the way to Arugam Bay in the east! That’s over 300 km in 14 days! You must be wondering why our team decided to spend their holiday walking this far?

Catherine is not fond of blisters, but she is a very committed citizen of our planet with strong human and ecological principles. She wanted to put these principles into practice through the Green Tour! We created goals: to make meaningful connections and to help those less privileged, to protect and help nature, to travel the country with a small carbon footprint, and to discover little-known places.

Mission accomplished! We spent time visiting underprivileged children and made donations to help them, planted trees to fight deforestation, took time to stop and chat with people along the way, and discovered places we would have missed on a normal tour.

Some fun Green Tour facts:

186 miles: the distance covered on foot by the team

14 days: the overall duration for the team to go from Colombo to Arugam Bay

10: the total number of walkers who joined the Green Tour

150: the number of trees planted during the tour

Let us introduce the walking team to you!

Catherine: Director of Mai Globe Travels. She has lived in Sri Lanka for over 10 years. She and her team created the Green Tour from scratch!

Chamindu, Nalin & Harsha: Our guides. Qualified & experienced, they guided us successfully through the whole island and helped us communicate with local people.

Madhuka: always behind the camera, he is the creator of all the beautiful tour images in the video below.

Here’s a 3- minute video of this incredible project featuring breathtaking landscapes, great team spirit & unforgettable encounters! Enjoy 😉

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